Titanic & Calshot

Calshot titanic10th April, 2012, Calshot re-enacted the departure of the White Star Liner Titanic at 12 noon from berths 43 and 44.   The same berth from which Titanic left in 1912.

ABP Port Director, Doug Morrison, requested Terry Yarwood, a former television producer-director to produce a special event to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the maiden voyage departure of the ill-fated Titanic, the most famous liner tragedy in history.    The Titanic bollards are in exactly the same position in the port as they were in 1912.     The event was a great success and seen worldwide on television.


An excellent DVD about the 100th anniversary of this historic occasion, has been produced by Signalline Video Productions.    The price is £12 – 00, which includes postage and a donation to the Tug Tender Calshot Trust, to assist with the restoration of the vessel.  Write to Clive Turner, Signalline Video Productions, 2, Scholars Close, Manea, Cambridgeshire PE15 OHF.

Red Funnel Logo

Red Funnel were the original owners of the Tug and Passenger Tender Calshot.   They also owned and operated a fleet of tugs which were involved in the maiden voyage departure of RMS Titanic.   Six Red Funnel tugs were assigned to this duty on 10th April, 1912.   They were Albert Edward, Hercules, Vulcan, Ajax, Hector and Neptune.   Red Funnel actively support the restoration of Calshot, and when they move their operation to berth 50, want the vessel to be a major tourist attraction adjacent to their passenger terminal.   Over 3,000,000 passengers travel with Red Funnel each year.

Haynes There are numerous books which have been published about Titanic.   RMS Titanic by David F. Hutchings and Richard de Kerbrech is published by Haynes Publishing.   This is a direct quote from Chapter One – The Titanic Story.   “Titanic the second of the Olympic Class liners – was not revolutionary in design, but was remarkable for her size, with dimensions being extrapolated from previously proven plans.   Her 15 watertight bulkheads were said at the time to make the ship ‘practically unsinkable’.   But, in hindsight, these bulkheads did not extend high enough, and this, along with insufficient lifeboats, proved to be her Achilles’ heel”.

This comprehensive technical book includes photographs of equipment found on Calshot, which are identical to devices on Titanic.   Both ships were built in the same era.   Titanic in 1911 and Calshot in 1928.   The following photographs are from the book.

Wheelhouse Internal

The ship’s wheel, telemotor housing and binnacle in the wheelhouse of Calshot.

helm indicator

The helm indicator and telemotor pressure gauge on Calshot.

Scotch Boiler

 The empty shell of a Scotch boiler retained for ballast on Calshot.  This was built in 1928, and is of the exact material and dimensions as those on board Titanic.  It shows the furnace fronts and steam stay nuts still in place.


Future plans include a Calshot booklet for visitors to the vessel ‘Calshot – The Titanic Connection’ which will include the following comparison photographs.

Dining Saloon           Swivel Chairs                                             The second class dining saloon on Titanic had swivel chairs bolted to the deck.  Titanic stewards would prepare the table and place the swivel chairs facing out for the convenience of passengers.  They would sit in the chair and then turn into the table.   The swivel chairs in the first class saloon on Calshot are identical.


Calshot has Welin quadrant davits for 20 foot lifeboats on the port and starboard sides.  Titanic also had Welin quadrant davits for 30 foot lifeboats, which sadly did not prove to be sufficient for all the passengers and crew on that fateful night in 1912.


Clearly visible on the side of the Calshot davit is the name ‘The Welin’.

A unique feature of powered vessels from the early part of the twentieth century is that they retained the classic counter stern of sailing ships from an earlier period.

Counter Stern

The counter stern of Titanic launched on 31st May, 1911.

Stern Calshot

The counter stern of Calshot launched on 4th November, 1929.