Calshot History 1946-1964 – Post WWII Red Funnel

QM & QE27th September 1946.   RMS Queen Mary in wartime grey returns to Southampton. Calshot in centre of the liner.   RMS Queen Elizabeth in the background.

 On 1st September 1945 at the end of World War II, Calshot. was de-requisitioned and extensively reconditioned by her builders.  She returned to the Red Funnel fleet in June 1946 in peacetime colours to continue her towage and tendering duties.   Extra crew cabins were built in the original second class accommodation area at the stern of Calshot, signalling the demise of the class division on board ships.   Nowadays, this still exists to some degree, by passengers paying for superior accommodation and restaurants.

 Tugs are always on ‘standby’ duty and ready to set off to assist any vessel in trouble, Calshot has played her part in coming to the aid of many other vessels.

7th August 1950 the 2,066-ton’s s.s. Sheaf Arrow with pump trouble off Portland Bill, was contacted by Calshot and towed into Weymouth Bay for repair.

Early December 1950 the tanker Esso Manchester on passage from Fawley to Saltend, developed boiler trouble.  Calshot and Paladin rendered assistance.

24th December 1956 the Panamanian vessel Valencia was disabled off Portland.  Calshot and Paladin sailed p.m.   Valencia was contacted and towed throughout a very rough night towards Southampton. The tow was relinquished to a Belgian tug on Christmas Day and  the Red Funnel tugs returned to Southampton.

27th January, 1964.   One of her last Red Funnel duties was assisting RMS Queen Mary into the King George V Graving Dock for overhaul.